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Flavorcraft LLC
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Products and Services
At Flavorcraft, we offer services tailored to your company’s needs. We’re experts at initial formulation and reformulation of products for businesses of all sizes.

National and Regional Food Processors: Choose from a variety of Flavorcraft products available for use as ingredients and depend on us to pack small-volume items sold under your brand name.

Restaurants: Save time and money by contracting with us to produce the ingredients you need. We’re also your resource for production of branded items for direct sale to customers in your restaurant or in supermarkets.

Supermarkets and Warehouse Retailers: Let us package your branded products to ensure top quality and maximize profit.

Existing and Start-up Specialty Food Makers: Want to turn a favorite family recipe into a retail product? Count on our expertise to develop your specialty foods. Ready to experience unmatched excellence from your co-packer? Choose Flavorcraft and get superior service.

Institutional Foodservice Providers: Rely on us for the products you use every day, from basic ingredients to concentrated drinks.
• Steak Sauces
• BBQ Sauces
• Hot Sauces
• Marinades
• Salsas
• Pasta Sauces
• Dry Spice Meat Rubs
• Bread Mixes
• Mustards
• Salad Dressings
• Flavored Vinegars
• Flavored Olive Oils
• Liquor- and Wine-infused Products
• Cocktail Mixes
• Flavored Syrups for Coffee
• Non-carbonated Beverages
• Drink Concentrates
• Fortified Drink Mixes
• Jams and Jellies
• Syrups
• Honey
• Molasses
Success Stories

• Product Development
• Private Labeling
• Nutritional Analysis
• Assistance with Regulatory Requirements
• Fulfillment
• Logistics
• Just-in-Time Stock Levels
• Floor Stock Arrangements
• Warehousing
• An array of other services

triangleright A fast-growing restaurant franchisor with seven units and plans to add fifteen more in the next year asked us to develop proprietary products as replacements for the expensive national brands they were using. Flavorcraft successfully met the challenge and developed a concentrated drink mix for their signature alcoholic drink and a hot sauce.

triangleright Another restaurant chain asked us to bulk-pack a variety of sauces they had been making in each restaurant. Using their in-restaurant recipes, we developed matching sauces and identified cost-efficient bulk packaging for them. Now they enjoy substantial labor savings in each restaurant and have consistent product quality within their chain.

Large Food Producers and Institutions: We work with this segment of the food industry by offering the same wide range of services we offer restaurant chains and entrepreneurial ventures. However, we most often work as a partner in their research and development efforts. We specialize in developing and producing component products used in their final products.

triangleright A multinational food conglomerate with revenues of more than US$9 billion uses us as a developer and supplier of ingredients for their final products.

triangleright A small manufacturer uses us to perfect new products they are developing. After development, we manufacture these products under their brand name and distribute them to retail outlets.

Start-up Businesses: We offer a full range of services to entrepreneurs entering the food business.

triangleright An entrepreneur approached Flavorcraft in 2005 with a unique recipe for an innovative new consumer product. We worked with him to reformulate his recipe for mass production and helped select packaging. The result was a very economically produced product that has won regional and national awards for taste. The brand is enjoying rapid retail distribution growth.

triangleright Another sucess story has its start in 2000. Ray Green approached Flavorcraft with an initial order of just over one thousand dollars. With our assistance providing consistent product quality, distribution and fullfilment services, he has grown his business to over one-half million dollars in just seven years. We are proud to have helped Ray achieve his "American Dream" to the scrupmtious delight of his many customers. This is the story of Ole Ray's Sauces. Ray Green has won more than 200 national awards for the taste and flavor of Ole Ray's.

Food and Foodservice Distributors: We partner with major national and regional distributors in their quest to offer high-quality, value-priced products to their retailer customers.

triangleright Flavorcraft produces a value-priced product under a distributor’s brand name, enabling their customers to enjoy a top-quality product at a substantial cost savings.

triangleright Another distributor asked us to help ease the day-to-day hassles in their logistics operations. We responded by successfully developing a just-in-time production and supply process for them.